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Haunted Campsite
October 13, 2018

This event includes: • The Haunted Trail
• Hot Dog Meal
• Carnival Games
• Face Painting
• Zombie Dance Party
• “Creepy Climb” (until sundown)
• “Creatures of the Night” Presentation
• Limited Edition Event Patch
• And much more!



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Alger, MI 48610

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Edward N. Cole Canoe Base is a 1,440 acre piece of wilderness, nestled along the banks of the beautiful Rifle River in Ogemaw County, Michigan. We are one of the premier summer camping destinations for thousands of youth and adult leaders from all over the Midwest for over 50 years. We are owned and operated by the Michigan Crossroads Council of the Boy Scouts of America.

Are you and your unit looking for a traditional summer camping program? We offer scouts opportunities to earn over 95 merit badges during our week long summer camp program. We also offer nightly camp wide events, and daily programs designed to let scouts choose their own activities, providing opportunities for scouts to advance their skills in athletics, crafts, and basic scout skills, cooking, swimming and boating. This past summer camping season we have a unit return rate of over 85%

We offer a multitude of programs, and program options to help insure every unit is provided an excellent and fun filled program, that fit the needs of each individual unit. Programs outside of the merit badge program that have been designed for the varying age groups of your unit.

Our high adventure program provides older scouts an opportunity to stray from the traditional summer camp experience and put their outdoor skills to the test, on canoe trips on three of Michigan's most scenic rivers- the Rifle River, the Fox-Manistique, and the Au Sable. For more information please see the High Adventure homepage to start planning for your adventure now!

The Cole Canoe Base Staff looks forward to seeing you and your unit during the next Summer Camping Season!

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